Privacy Policy

We at The Lamp are very careful about saving your personal information safely. We protect your personal data in agreement with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This is our privacy policy that explains what personal data we save, why we do this and how long your data is stored with us.

We ask you to read this privacy policy so that you understand what our policy is. If you do not agree with the below content, please contact The Lamp immediately and we will delete your personal information. If you have any questions or wish to be removed from our systems, please contact us at phone +46(0)11-12 20 10 or email us at

What personal data do we save?
When booking a hotel room, spa visit or table in the restaurant with us at The Lamp, you must provide your personal information. Even when you book online through a booking channel, you need to enter your information, which we use at The Lamp to make your visit better. We save data for identification as well as to be able to contact you. We ask for your social security number, first and last name, your phone number, your email address and your home address.
If you enter special notes when booking, we will also save this in your booking. This includes allergies and special requests.

For foreign guests we will take a passport copy. All guests who are not Swedish citizens need to fill in a registration card. This is done in accordance with the Immigration Regulation and the Schengen Agreement within the EU.

What is the purpose of saving personal data?
We save your personal information primarily to process your bookings and orders, as well as to contact you.Your personal information is also stored for the purpose of analyzing and process statistics and customer reviews. We also market our services and products by mailing to our guests. To make it easier both for you and for our work at the hotel, your details will be saved for future bookings with us. You can of course, at any time, request that The Lamp Hotel does not save your personal information after your stay. If you wish to keep your personal information for future bookings, but decline to be contacted for marketing purposes, we will remove your contact information in all future mailings.

How long do we save personal data?
We do not keep personal data for a longer period than is necessary. We are very careful about this and we constantly review our routines and update our customer register. Your personal information will be saved for 2 years from your last booking.

Do we share your personal information?
We share your information with the purpose of analyzing and processing statistics and customer reviews. These keep your personal information solely on behalf of The Lamp Hotel, but this is in agreement based on our instructions and the GDPR law. In case of suspicion and investigation of crimes, The Lamp may share your information to a police or other authority.

The Lamp uses cookies on our digital services.

In case of selling The Lamp Hotel
If The Lamp Hotel is sold or handed over to other owners, your personal information may be transferred to them.

Information and contact
We are constantly updating our security practices. No personal data is saved if there is no purpose for this. We regularly update our customer cards to maintain a current registry. Your data will be deleted after 2 years (valid from your last booking).

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or further information about this, please feel free to contact us at The Lamp. You can reach us on phone +46(0)11-12 20 10 or mail

Valid from 2018-05-25