Everglow 1150 SEK (50 min)

An exfoliating massage treatment that leaves skin smooth and soft. 

The Lamp Signature Face & body 1150 sek (50 MIN)

Land at The Lamp with an intense treatment for back and face that takes care of tense, tired muscles and dehydrated skin. Skin renewal that gives silky softness to the skin and new energy that is felt throughout the body. A deep moisturizing mini facial restores moisture balance in the skin. For all skin types.

BODY PEELING 625 sek (25 MIN)

A body peeling that exfoliates the skin with a fine mineral salt blended with a warm, nourishing body oil. Renewing for the skin and a soft silky touch.  

BODY PEELING & WRAP 1150 sek (50 MIN)

Massage with a mineral salt peeling that renews the skin. Followed by a massage with a leave-on body pack enriched with almond oil, thermal water and stem cell extract. The skin is nourished and protected from premature aging and has a soft and more even texture. 

Body 1625 sek (75 MIN)

Relaxing and moisturizing body treatment that starts with a back massage followed by a creamy body scrub with cranberries that renews the skin. A nourishing and moisturizing bodypack with almond oil, thermal water and stem cell extracts is massaged into your skin and leaves skin feeling incomparably smooth and soft. Protects the skin against environmental stress and maintains its youthfulness. Meanwhile you relax with the body wrap you will receive a deeply relaxing scalp and neck massage.


Soft touching and relaxed pregnancy massage followed by a light facial. Tailored to your needs and wishes.

Mother to be 1595 sek (75 min)

Treatment after week 12. Soft touching and relaxed pregnancy massage followed by light facial and foot massage. Tailored to your needs and wishes.


A relaxed mind gives a relaxed body and vice versa. An exclusive massage bench, with its special vibration system and acoustic waves, reduces stress and improves sleep.

Tropical Glow Body Scrub 750 sek (30 MIN)

The treatment begins with a fine-grained healing salt peel that is massaged over the entire body mixed with a warm nourishing aromatic oil on a hydrotherapy bench. The skin of the body gets glow and feels maximally moisturized and soft. An unforgettable experience with color therapy and water jets that are characterized by fragrances and exclusivity for body and soul.