New! Summerglow 995 SEK (50min)

Meet the summer in glow! An effective glow-boosting treatment that provides maximum antioxidants and hydration for the skin. We work with effective products from IMAGE Vital C. The facial includes cleaning, peeling, steam and extraction (if you wish), facemask, serum and facecream.

SKIN OF GLASS 1150 SEK (50min)

A luxurous and result-focused facial with fantastic vital ingredients. We cleans the skin and then we use up to six different serums that boosts skins hydration and radiance. 

We adapt the treatment to your skintype. 


A deep-cleansing and oxygenating treatment. 


A rejuvinating treatment with innovative ingredients. 


A streghtening treatment that suits even the most sensitive. 


A revitalizing antiaging treatment that boosts the skin with radiance and minerals. High tech face-mask with 24K Gold. 

All lights on You 1150 sek (50 MIN)

Classical facial where experience and results are based on your skin condition. Your skintherapist will tailor the treatment, and carefully select products that meet your needs. Perfect for all skin types.

Men´s skincare 1150 sek (50 MIN)

Facial treatment specifically for men that gives the skin new energy and strength. Signs of tiredness are replaced with new vitality and hydration. Fits all skin types. Contains cleansing, peeling, active concentrate, mask and massage of the face, serum and facecream. 

Bright eye Treatment 1095 sek (50 MIN)

Coloring of eyelashes, we pick and shape eyebrows. We put on an eye mask that gives moisture and tightens the skin, giving you a wakeful glance.

Lights On 895 SEK (30min)

Effective AHA treatment with fruit acids that that effectively exfoliate the skin and stimulates skins natural renewal process. Recommended 3-6 treatments in 2-4 weeks intervals.

Perfect Glow 625 sek (25 min)

Moisture and radiance boost. Intensive moisturizing facial for a maximum glow effect and even skin tone. At the same time, the skin is protected from premature skin aging caused by free radicals with cocoa peptides. Gives skin a beautiful glow. For dehydrated, tired and dull skin with uneven skin tone.

Healthy Glow 625 SEK (25min)

Feel like a newly sprouted rosehip moisturized by summer dew in a treatment that leaves a clean result on both skin and environment! Vegan products with powerful antioxidants and conifers from red maple are used to build the skin's protective barrier and maintain a healthy skin with natural radiance.