All lights on You 1495 sek (75 MIN)

Classical facial where experience and results are based on your skin condition. Your skintherapist will tailor the treatment, and carefully select products that meet your needs. Perfect for all skin types.

Bright eye Treatment 1095 sek (50 MIN)

Coloring of eyelashes, we pick and shape eyebrows. We put on an eye mask that gives moisture and tightens the skin, giving you a wakeful glance.

Calming mind 1095 sek (50 MIN)

Calming and restoring face treatment that has an immediately soothing effect on very sensitive skin. Redness, irritation and itchy skin is reduced and the skins natural balance is restored. The skin barrier becomes stronger and the skin will be deeply moisturized. Like yoga for the skin!

Illuminate me 1095 sek (50 MIN)

Vitamin C boost for stressed and tired skin. Dull skin will regain vitality and glow. Stronger skin with increased elasticity and a more even skin tone is the result of this facial. A detox cleanser followed by AHA mixed with antioxidants and vitamin C will eliminate any trace of tired skin and a vitamin rich mask will boost the skin with moisture and nourishing oils.

Men´s skincare 1095 sek (50 MIN)

Facial treatment specifically for men that gives the skin new energy and strength. Signs of weariness are replaced with new vitality and any cutting years after shaving are repaired in depth. Fits all skin types. Contains cleansing, peeling, active concentrate, mask and massage of the face, neck and scalp.

Perfect Glow 595 sek (25 min)

Moisture and radiance boost. Intensive moisturizing facial for a maximum glow effect and even skin tone. At the same time, the skin is protected from premature skin aging caused by free radicals with cocoa peptides. Gives skin a beautiful glow. For dehydrated, tired and dull skin with uneven skin tone.

Vitamin Cocktail 595 sek (25 min)

Vitamin boost for all skin types. Replenish the skin with vitamins and nurishing oils. The skin will become smooth and soft agin with lots of energy and vitality. The perfect choice for dry skin.

Eyebrows and lashes 595 sek (25 min)

Coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows as well as plucking of eyebrows.

The Lamp Signature Face & body 1095 sek (50 MIN)

Land at The Lamp with an intense treatment for back and face that takes care of tense, tired muscles and dehydrated skin. Skin renewal that gives silky softness to the skin and new energy that is felt throughout the body. A deep moisturizing mini facial restores moisture balance in the skin. For all skin types.

Skin Lab by The Lamp 495 sek/person (75 MIN)

Skin lab with DIY treatments under guidance. You will get to know the brand BABOR and will practically perform a facial on yourself according to your skintype and skin condition. Facial treatments are based on products from the CLEANSING, AMPOULES and DOCTOR BABOR range. Advanced skin care for all skin types and skin conditions. Maximum number of participants: 6 pcs.