The Lamp Hotel

The Lamp is clearly not an ordinary hotel experience. Forget about endless, dimly lit corridors and rooms with anonymous furnishings – this hotel is something completely different.

When you enter the lobby, check in the gigantic Lamp, take in the spectacular overall design and the fantastic architecture. And that´s just the beginning of the experience. Our rooms and suites have the same spectacular design, enhancing the luxury feeling.

The Lamp Hotel is worth those extra miles of travel. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay, and we would like you to come back.

Welcome to The Lamp Hotel!

Hospitalsgatan 5, 602 27 Norrköping  |  Map +46 11-12 20 10

Spectacular design

The Lamp Hotel attracts all your senses. Welcome to a cool mix of style, ambience and a spectacular design that you will remember.

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Guest services

  • Parking garage

    Of course! Just across the street from The Lamp Hotel, and just a few meters away, you can park your car in our own parking garage; M-park.
    Book your parking space with us in the reception and we will provide you with a parking permit. The cost is 175 SEK per 24 hours.

  • Shuttle Bus

    If you need to get between The Lamp and the Magnentus Building in a hurry, why not use our little electric ‘shuttle bus’ – the eco-friendly choice. It’s also available for other short journeys in central Norrköping. You book in reception, we’ll drive!

  • Sightseeing tour

    The same little ‘bus’ can be booked for short sightseeing trips around Norrköping. See the Industrial Landscape, Frisbee golf, the lovely linden-lined avenues and much, much more. Talk to us in reception and we´ll be more than happy to help you!